Rare Beauty McWay Falls into Pacific Ocean

McWay fall which falls directly into Ocean

McWay falls is located near Big Sur, California.  It is a 80 feet waterfall and the water directly falls into Pacific Ocean. The waterfall acts as an ornament to beautiful Pacific Ocean. This is the second other falls which fall directly into ocean.
Mcway Falls

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Better Google Page Rank – Back Link

Page Rank Guides

page rank

The PageRank of your website will govern the amount of traffic your website receives through the Google Search Engine.

Many people are now struggling to obtain the elusive target of a high Page Rank for their websites and facing a wall they cannot climb. The wall is of course, how to get the best Page Rank. Are Back Links the answer to this dilemma? If you work hard enough creating Back Links around the web will this have a direct positive impact on your website Page Rank?

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Malwares Malicious Software to attack various devices

Malwares – Malicious Software designed to hijack one’s device and expose the device to various attack

Malwares Malicious Software
Recently there were series of attacks to different organization including the Govt. organization. Earlier we used to think that virus are dangerous to our computers but now they come in different forms. One of them is Malware.
So by wiki, it means malicious programs or MALicious softWARE in short MALWARE.

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WhatsApp Unsupported Platforms

Phones not supported by WhatsApp

WhatsApp has decided to remove support for these phones which does not meet minimum specifications. They took this decision because they are updating it and these unsupported phones does not have hardware to support the new features in it

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Search Engine Optimization – Back Links

10 is better than 1000?

We often compete on having more and more back links and declare that the site is search engine optimized. Well the real fundamental is not quantity but quality, which matters when your site is concerned. E.g. site A has 10 back links and gets Google Page Rank 5; whereas site B has 1000 back links gets Google Page Rank 4. Yes the main point is that site B is linked from sites which in turn is poorly linked, but site A hit the jackpot by linking from quality sites which are strongly linked. So try linking up from quality sites because google checks quality links linking you. And in any case you have back link from junk link farm then you knocking yourself out. You will always have to keep a balance with the links. More is good if you get them from quality sites.

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US West Coast Mount Shasta

Fifth highest peak in California and an active volcano.

Mount Shasta peak is at an elevation of more than 14,000 feet above sea level. As per wiki, the last eruption is in 1786. It is expected that volcano accompanying with earthquake will occur every 200 years and so it is long due.

Mount Shasta

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Database Related – Multidimensional Database

MDBMS – Multidimensional DataBase Management System

To understand Multidimensional Database, you are required to have some knowledge on Relational Database. I’ll explain RDBMS in simpler terms so that everyone can understand. We all know RDBMS, which is nothing but Relational Database Management System.

The name itself says that the database system forms a relation between tables which contains fact. Each and every table has rows and columns which forms 2 dimension. For every corresponding rows and columns of a table there will be one value. It is like a 2 dimensional matrix. So if we assume any matrix like

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