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Hyperion Essbase

Hyperion Essbase A Multidimensional DataBase Management System

When we think database, we think it as a storage mechanism. Essbase is not a database we commonly think of for storage. It is a database when we think about analysis and not just only storage. So, yes it is not faster like transactional databases but yet it is very powerful.
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Essbase full form is Spread Sheet dataBASE, E is added to make it pronounce easier.

Essbase is developed to address the scalibility issue with excel and even if we see excel values which are sometime required to be saved in a database.
Imagine 100 excel sheets with data and that needs to be consolidated in one file, we can certainly do that by adding the values from 100 excel sheets into one sheet. This requires a lot of manual effort and eventually the process needs to be done correctly.
And so Essbase came to picture, you can store your excel work in the database and consolidate and retrieve in a better way without involving so much manual effort
In this current industry, mostly all the financial aspect is carried out in excel, so a good product which involves the use of excel facilitating the current process will always be welcome and so does for Essbase. Since Essbase is a very powerful tool it helps elevates the current process

So coming back to Essbase, it has two types of database engine - ASO and BSO. ASO is Aggregate Storage Outline and BSO is Block Storage Outline. Outline as means by the word is structure. The types of databases has different meaning, ASO database is used mainly for colidation, reporting purposes where BSO is used for calculations and/or store data.

Most complex calculation can be acieved in BSO database and that can be tranported to ASO cube for reporting. This has been general cases of all the Essbase usage as industry standard.
The reason behind, ASO cube technology is demand-based calculation where when the reporting triggers the demand-caculation and shows to the front-end tool. Due to this feature, the write-back option is not yet possible. So the administrators allows the business to load their information in BSO cube and the data is transported over to ASO cube for reporting purposes.
To make more efficient retrieve for a larger ASO cube, administrator can create aggregation views which can be used by the business to retrieve fast and easy from the database.

This is basic information you need. If you need more details, you can always check Essbase in WIKI
More interesting thing will be coming up regarding Hyperion Essbase