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10 is better than 1000?

We often compete on having more and more back links and declare that the site is search engine optimized. Well the real fundamental is not quantity but quality, which matters when your site is concerned. E.g. site A has 10 back links and gets Google Page Rank 5; whereas site B has 1000 back links gets Google Page Rank 4. Yes the main point is that site B is linked from sites which in turn is poorly linked, but site A hit the jackpot by linking from quality sites which are strongly linked. So try linking up from quality sites because google checks quality links linking you. And in any case you have back link from junk link farm then you knocking yourself out. You will always have to keep a balance with the links. More is good if you get them from quality sites.

Although Google ranking is now no longer factor but I am 100% sure, they are using link quality to determine which site is more important.


Connected back Links
As you see in the above diagram, there are some dots and we refer sites as dots in this pictorial representation. The black dots at the circle is surrounded by many small dots and of course without any hesitation the black dot appears to be an important dot here. Now the point is how come you say that black dot is important and why not the far one? Well the answer is simple that the black dot is surrounded or linked by those important other dots, I called them important because they in turn are surrounded by many other dots. So the middle one is logically surrounded by all other dots and so its importance is higher than others and so Potential Rank or Page Rank is higher than others.

Connected high quality back Links
This picture is more prominent; consider the middle point of the entire junction shown by red arrow. They are the hottest area and if you can get back links from these junctions, your site is going to hit the jackpot as shown in the above drawing.

Now come back to your landing page generally the index page. Most likely your site will be connected to landing page from other sites and so you should try and limit any outgoing links from your landing page and instead have many internal links so that the page rank received is well distributed to your internal pages which in turn points back to your landing page thus increasing your sites rank and so good visibility during search.

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