Database Related – Multidimensional Database

MDBMS – Multidimensional DataBase Management System

To understand Multidimensional Database, you are required to have some knowledge on Relational Database. I’ll explain RDBMS in simpler terms so that everyone can understand. We all know RDBMS, which is nothing but Relational Database Management System.

The name itself says that the database system forms a relation between tables which contains fact. Each and every table has rows and columns which forms 2 dimension. For every corresponding rows and columns of a table there will be one value. It is like a 2 dimensional matrix. So if we assume any matrix like

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Hyperion Essbase Database for Analysis

Hyperion Essbase – A Multidimensional DataBase Management System

When we think database, we think it as a storage mechanism. Hyperion Essbase is not a database we commonly think of for storage. It is a database when we think about analysis and not just only storage.

Hyperion Essbase Cube

So, yes it is not faster like transaction databases but yet it is very powerful.
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Essbase full form is Spread Sheet dataBASE, E is added to make it pronounce easier.

Essbase is developed to address the scalability issue with excel.
Imagine 100 excel sheets with data and that needs to be consolidated into one file…

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