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This is Parijat Roy personal blog, read blogs or articles of search engine optimization, web tips and tricks, my travel diaries and other techie stuff directly from Author’s Desk. If you are not techie, do not worry, I have tried my best to put as much humor possible. Having said that, one should not expect jokes in the blog. Even if I really joke inside my blog, that would be too much.

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You must be wondering why the above image. That is my favorite quote from Albert Einstein which says

I don’t require to know everything because I know where to get them when I need them!

The above quote is true these days. Internet is the biggest brain containing all the knowledge as people are dumping their knowledge everyday. So you search internet, you get the answer. So do not be the internet, be smart enough to use the internet. Awesomeness!

I learned Aum is a sacred symbol, so probably using the symbol will be lucky for me (being superstitious here).

The person in this picture is me during the year 2008.

I should let you know that I’m not that scholar in English, so if I make mistakes with my English, please pardon me.


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