US West Coast Mount Shasta

Fifth highest peak in California and an active volcano.

Mount Shasta peak is at an elevation of more than 14,000 feet above sea level. As per wiki, the last eruption is in 1786. It is expected that volcano accompanying with earthquake will occur every 200 years and so it is long due.

Mount Shasta

Big Springs – Head Water

After reaching foothills of Mt Shasta, we should visit the natural spring. The water is coming directly from the mountain ice cap and coming out from rocks. That water is so clean and tasty that once drank, you will be under mesmerizing effect. Big Springs is the name and it originates from the city Park.
Head Waters
Amazing road trip with my friends, you can see a time-lapse on the way to Mt Shasta.

Lake Siskiyou

This is the lake Siskiyou, It’s a huge lake with lots of fun activities. You can either camp there or go out in beach for fun. It is a huge lake with beaches. As per wiki, it is 430 acre of surface area holding around 32 million cubic meter of water.

Shisiyou Lake

Castle Lake

If you go more along the same road, you will find Castle Lake, this is also a lake from from Big Springs. One should not miss the beauty of castle lake and the place is so quite that you can do meditation.
Castle Lake
I forgot to mention, there is a trail from Mt Shasta to Castle Lake if you are more adventurous.

I was not able to stay overnight but I am guessing it will be peaceful and blissful at night.

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